Kong: Skull Island 2017

Kong: Skull Island Two World War II fighter pilots, American pilot Hank Marlow (USA) and Gunpei Ikari (Japan) were parachuted over an island located in the South Pacific in 1944. They engaged in close combat until an enormous Ape was able to enter the fight.

Bill Randa is the head of Monarch. Monarch is a U.S. government agency Monarch is planning to search for primal animals at Skull Island, which was discovered in 1973. Packard, a tracker, ex-British Special Air Service Capt James Conrad and Mason Weaver are among the troops that arrive at Skull Island to drop seismic explosives. The explosives were developed by Randa’s seismologist Houston Brooks to map the island and prove Brooks’ Hollow Earth theory. The group is confronted by the giant ape who disperses survivors throughout the island. Two groups form among the survivors: one comprising Conrad, Weaver, Nieves, the researchers, along with one soldier, and the second together with Randa and the other survivors. Packard is searching for the transport helicopter piloted by Major Jack Chapman, intending to utilize the weapons in the helicopter to take out the Ape.

Conrad’s group meets with Iwi residents and the senior Marlow. Marlow informs Conrad that Kong, a giant apethat guards Iwi from predators. He also names the reptilian subterranean beasts “Skullcrawlers” who were awakened through the blast. Kong’s race was destroyed, leaving Kong the only one of his kind. But, Ikari was killed by the Skullcrawler some time back. Conrad’s team helps Marlow complete his inflatable boat made from parts of Marlows’s. Ikari destroyed planes after Chapman is slain and eaten by the Skullcrawler. They cruise through the river and Nieves is broken by carnivores, and ensures that they can communicate with Packard’s team. Packard insists they look for Chapman whenever they come across each other.

Marlow leads the group through a graveyard of Kong’s family members and dinosaurs. Randa and the other victims are killed by the Skullcrawler who fought Chapman to kill him. The Skullcrawler is then killed by Weaver. However, Packard refuses to listen. Both groups then split while Packard’s group removes the weapons from Chapman’s chopper and laying traps for Kong in an adjacent lake and the civilians return to their boat. Conrad and Weaver meet Kong in person and, upon observing the calmness of Kong, resolve to save Kong. The team of Packard is able to lure Kong to their camp by using the last of their seismic charges. They injures him by burning napalm. Marlow, Weaver and Conrad arrive to convince Kong to surrender however Packard refuses. After the other soldiers depart when they leave they see the massive Skullcrawler emerges from the water, and Kong crushes Packard. With the aid of humans with the help of the humans, Kong is defeated by humans. Skullcrawler is defeated by Kong and prevails. Then, Kong is in awe while the survivors progress to the point where they can meet.

Marlow is seen alongside his son in a pre-credits scene. In the scene after credits Monarch is seen bringing in and recruiting Conrad as well as Weaver. San Lin and Brooks inform them that Kong isn’t the only monster king and present cave paintings that depict Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, as well as King Ghidorah. The final picture shows Godzilla and Ghidorah in battle.


Kong Skull Island คอง มหาภัยเกาะกะโหลก

Kong: Skull Island 2017


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